The Glock 43 Launch Event

Instructor Zero and Daniel Shaw got the chance to take a first look and shoot the new Glock 43 single stack 9mm just prior to the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. I walked into the Glock 43 launch event and found myself being greeted by a familiar face. The kind Italian gentleman presented me […]


The Funker Tactical Team

Funker Tactical is simply an umbrella comprised of passionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to something. Each member represents their own team. Together, we are redefining concepts on holistic training through intellectual exchanges of ideas and concepts. DANIEL SHAW DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS DANIEL SHAW is a retired US Marine infantryman with multiple combat tours […]


The Heckler & Koch VP9

  From testing the Heckler & Koch VP9, I found that it could be my new favorite 9mm pistol. I would get rid of my Glocks and make the VP9 my every day carry if it wasn’t for one thing. I have recently had a few H&K VP9’s in my classes and all the students shooting […]


After the Disarm | To Shoot or Not to Shoot

You have just disarmed your gun-wielding attacker, what do you do next? Ryan Hoover discusses the reality of relieving an attacker of their firearm during a violent confrontation and turning it back on them. While the idea of eliminating a threat with their own weapon is an appealing notion, the reality of such actions are […]


Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty | Justice Served or Denied?

A Jury in Erath County has found former Marine Eddie Ray Routh guilty of the Murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.  While the state is not seeking the death penalty, a guilty conviction for Routh does mean an automatic life sentence. I hope the silver lining, if one may be found in this tragic event, […]