Call of Duty Gone Too Far? Military "Fanboy" Allegedly Captured by ISIS in Syria!

Japan says it is investigating claims that one of its citizens has been captured by militants near Aleppo, as evidence emerged that the captured man appeared to be a self-styled security contractor.  Varying sources report Haruna Yukawa, a Japanese national who reportedly owned a “military fun” store in Japan traveled to Syria to “impress his […]


How To Survive Carjackings Using KRAV MAGA and PSYCHOLOGY!

I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina upon the request of the Funker Tactical community to find a Krav Maga expert.  What happened next was actually a big eye opener for me.  I met a man named Ryan Hoover, co-founder of FIT-TO-FIGHT, a Krav Maga and fitness academy who not only train military and law enforcement […]


5 Anti-Gun Liberals Shoot For the First Time!

‘ve gotta admit that this seemed like the WORST introduction to shooting a handgun that I have seen in a while. I have successfully navigated hundreds of people through their first shot/shots with a handgun and EVERY last one of them walked away feeling like a champion. None of this limp-wristed, misaligned sight picture, shooting […]