25 Tools You Can Wear on Your Wrist

If you think paracord bracelets were bad wait till you see this new product from leatherman! Hope I can get my hands on one soon! -Sharp97  


MMA | Sport or Street Effective

Everyone loves to rob hotels it seems, but this particular individual just happens to have chosen one which is temporarily home to two professional fighters.  Let’s have the “is MMA street effective” discussion. There has always existed a feud between traditional or combat martial arts and those that are labelled as Sport, or Competitive, or […]


CCW Ends Robbery Spree | Video Break-down

It may be a cliche but frequently “A Good Guy with a gun stops a Bad Guy with a gun”, and this video provides quite a good breakdown of the situation to serve the example. A customer at a grocery store is present while an armed robbery is occurring.  The customer reacts and draws a concealed […]


Firearms 101 | Don't Shoot Yourself - In An Elevator

An Off-Duty Kentucky Officer accidentally shoots himself fumbling with his pistol. For one reason or another, the officer is seen removing his pistol from his holster and attempting to put it in his pocket.  Why you would take your gun out, a) in public – although he was alone with his spouse; you never draw your […]