Listen to the Freedom

This talented gun-enthusiast has taken his appreciation and love for his country to another level.  Listen as he plays the “Star-Spangled Banner” with his .22 long rifle.


Special Purpose Rifle | Make your own!

Did you ever wonder what the gun was that Marcus Luttrell used during Operation Red Wings? It looks aesthetically very much like your standard M16 with a paint job but it’s what underneath that separates the two rifles. The SPR Marcus used was a system developed in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) and coined the Mark […]



US CENTCOM Releases 3 Airstrike Videos | 23SEP2014

US Central Command has released three videos of airstrikes in Syria.  This is unprecedented in having US military actions literally be declassified and released as they are taking place.


NSFW: Fatal Use of Force | Was it justified?

In an atmosphere of shouting and little stand-off, three Brazilian Police Officers detain an individual.  During their work, a man with a button up shirt routinely presses his way into the affairs of the officers.  One officer draws his gun as he is reading the language of this man as an overt attempt to get […]